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Architectural Outsourcing Firm in India

VegaCADD  is a leading Architectural Outsourcing firm in India operating since 2007. The backbone of our firm are the 45+ talented Drafters, Engineers, Designers, and Architects. Having an established track record of serving more than 150 clients for 600+ projects for the last one decade, we have manifested ourselves into a one-stop solutions provider for 2D CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, 2D to 3D Modeling, 3D CAD Designing and 3D Rendering Services.

VegaCADD Drafting is fully committed to serving clientele with quality deliverables at the appropriate cost and targeted timelines. We firmly believe that being on par in terms of cost and quality is the basic pre-requisite each in our industry practices, it is solely our focus on service which has manifested into a repeat order rate of approx 65%. It is only fair to say that our satisfied clienteles are the prime drivers of our growth from 3 employees to 45+ talented employees today.

Our core competency lies across the following range of services

  • CAD Conversion Services
  • CAD Drafting Services
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • 3D Visualization and Animation

Our Values

VegaCADD Drafting respects and seeks to maintain the highest standards of equality, fairness, integrity, and transparency. Our core values are:-

  1. Create a learning environment where employees strive to learn the way of life from Clients and internal stakeholders
  2. Maintain a work culture that is transparent, boundless, and ethical
  3. Keep clients priority FIRST

Sailent features of our campus

  1. The first building in Asia to incorporate 50% transparency BIPV Solar panels
  2. Fully automated access control and security systems
  3. High-speed Wi-fi enabled
  4. Automated ventilation control
  5. Lighting control in sync with natural sunlight
  6. Lighting control for areas based on motion/occupancy sensors
  7. High-efficiency HVAC/TFA systems
  8. Materials recovery facility enabling recycling of waste

Quality Management System

VegaCADD’s CAD Services employs a robust QMS across the organization. Some of the major highlights of this process are:

  1. Clear and mistake proof processing definition
  2. Detailed documentation of SOP’s including project specifications, work logs, training manuals, etc
  3. Frequent QC nodes to resolve errors in the production process
  4. Timebound and recurrent training on systems and operation on a quarterly basis
  5. An independent QC and certification focus group following clearly defined QA plans
  6. Employing automation in the production process QA/QC to make the process simpler and error free
  7. A statistical measurement of quality parameters and validation with the preset settings
  8. Technical support group to ensure client satisfaction

Our Infrastructure

Our corporate headquarters, based in Gandhinagar, India is the first commercial establishment in Asia to incorporate cutting-edge Building Integrated Photovoltaics technology that powers 73% of our energy needs. The 36000 sq.ft built up area constructed of green building materials reaffirms our passion for environmental design, frugal innovation, and fluidic curves inspired the great Zaha Hadid. As a validation of our commitment to Green Building Technology, our corporate headquarters is in the process of achieving LEED Green Building -Platinum Credential. Interestingly, the whole project right from Ideation to execution handled by our in-house team of engineers and architects.

To discuss your project in detail, you can email us. Alternatively, you can also fill our inquiry form and get quotations based on your project requirements.

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