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3D Rendering Services

VegaCADD is the Outsourcing 3D Rendering Company designed by architects for the rapidly growing 3D Visualization market. We provide architectural 3D rendering and animation, CAD drafting and modeling solutions for architects, Interior Architects and Designers, Real Estate brokers, Product Designers, Product Manufacturers, Advertising Agencies, homeowners, landscape designers, design-build firm, building designers, Interior lighting professionals, interior decoration professional, home refurbishment agency, home decor professionals, commercial property developers, apartment and highrise developers, office space developers, home builders, hotels and restaurant developers.

Our mission is to create an online platform capable of sourcing the global market with affordable, high-quality Architectural Visualizations. 

Aerial & Birds Eye View Rendering

We provide high-resolution aerial renders depicting powerful, immersive panoramic setting.

Typically, the camera angle at 45° from the reference ground level. This setting produces a sharp detail which is often missing in typical front, back or side elevations. For reference, the siding of a residential unit is visible in such settings which are again absent in front elevation.

Aerial views are one of the best tools available for preparing project proposals that can enable the area developer to depict the projects in the best possible way across all stakeholders, be it Real Estate Financers, Buyers, etc.

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Interior 3D Rendering Services

While you envisage different permutations and combinations of furniture elements, wall colors, textures interior features, we can help you prepare the best mixture of your choice. Interior Design decoration is our passion, and we make sure that the whole process is as fun-filled to you as it is to us! We equip you with the most exhaustive libraries of interior elements, which you manifest into aesthetically pleasing, photo-realistic images.

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Exterior 3D Visualization Services

3D Exteriors visualization enables you with the best marketing tool for real estate promotion across multiple channels like banners, billboards, advertisements or websites for focused marketing. All the angles of the property can be covered (eg. Front, Rear, Sides) to make sure that the structure you have designed is registered in the minds of the relevant stakeholders. Also, it enables you to proactively address any designing issue at the outset before the actual construction commences.

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3D Floor Plan Rendering Services

The most used tool for property marketing is the floor plan. The buyer gets a complete cut-out view of the property that enables him to witness each individual element of the home in its entirety and see how building spaces synchronize in the context of the overall property. We, at VEGA CADD Drafting, specialize in Architectural Floor Plans spanning 2D & 3D Residential floor plans, Real Estate floor plans, Office floor plans, and Kitchen floor plans as per client’s choice.

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360° Virtual Reality

VegaCADD provides you high quality 360° immersive panoramic renders. You can now visualize the property as if you are stationed at a specific point of the real estate project.

Via 360° VR, we can stitch numerous panoramic images to obtain a complete tour package with optional navigation. 360° VR produces an audiovisual simulation of an altered, photo-dropped or augmented environment that allows the user to witness the project as a replica of a real-life situation.

An immersive 360° virtual panorama enables your target audience with a realistic experience into a seamless visual environment that offers enhanced contextual information as if they have stepped into the building. Your target audience shall be mighty impressed and wowed with such high-quality experience.

3D Walkthrough Services

VegaCADD provides you high resolution residential, industrial, real estate and commercial 3D Walkthrough services at a reasonable price point. Using Walkthroughs,  you can ‘walk – through’ your property under construction or ideation as if you are witnessing the property in person.

Utilizing 3D Architectural Walkthrough services, you get the opportunity to manifest your ideation into high-quality, realistic videos. Our walkthroughs entitle you to the ultimate property marketing tool for your projects via banners, advertisements, websites, and billboards providing you maximum visibility and subsequent footfalls for your real estate projects.

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