Furniture Modeling Services

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the latest trends in home furnishing and décor. It allows users to become designers on their own, building their spaces, choosing the finishes, décor elements and furnishing as per their liking. Moreover, with Augmented Reality, they can put up the virtual lens and feel the spaces lifelike!

To tap the power of VR and AR, you need to get these furniture elements modeled in low/high poly. Often, clients get the full specification (dimensions/finishes/material) of the product online, with links to the manufacturer’s websites. These inputs are sufficient for us to assist you with highly detailed and accurate 3D models in sync with your requirement. Use these models as input for the further complex 3D Furniture Rendering needs.

3D Furniture Modeling
3D Product Rendering designProduct rendering

3D Product Modeling

Product Modeling and Rendering is a digital alternative to create lifestyle pictures for the showcased products. It allows customization ranging from changing the textures, material, dimensions, thus obtain lifestyle renderings in different scene settings. The same model can be showcased in different settings like the below example, where a trailer is set up in Beach and Grassland setting. This way, VegaCADD assists product development and marketing highly flexible and customer-oriented.

3D Product Animation

The development of ergonomic furniture elements has given a boost to the overall furniture industry with complex functionalities, ones that could not be envisaged a decade earlier. An Armchair taking the shape of your body using hydraulics, a bed easing you into the different motions for your orthopedic needs, the list is endless. Demonstrating all the functions and features of such items to the client can be cumbersome. It calls for a differentiated approach to marketing. VegaCADD assists you with high-quality 3D Product Animations to address this need.

3D Product Animation is the most engaging and persuasive way to show the ergonomics and useful features to the potential buyer. It’s perfect to showcase the design variants, bundling options and configurations of the product. Get in touch with us here to discuss how VegaCADD can help you with 3D Product Animation needs.

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