Custom 3D Modeling Services

Vegacadd offer a wide variety of custom 3D Modeling Services for different purposes and fields. We can offer Outsource 3D Modeling services for your 3D Furniture Modeling, 3D Product Modeling & 3D Product Animation make your development process more proficient and efficient. We can assist you as 3D Modeling Company for Product Conceptual, Design, Modeling and Visualization, Animation to shorten the lead time for Idealization, Conceptualization, and Execution.

Our Outsource 3D modeling services are carried out by the process of creating or developing a 3D Furniture Modeling using the reference images or sketches with the help of the latest 3D Modeling software and make your dream products come true with a 3D modeling company.

Our Premium quality 3d model services can be used in architecture, film, animation, Furniture and Gaming. We have years of expertise in polygonal 3D modeling and we can design, low poly and high poly models based on the client requirements.

Furniture Modeling Services

Vegacadd acts as an enabler for your Premium-quality 3D Furniture Modeling services needs. 3D Furniture Modeling and Augmented Reality are the latest trends in home furnishing and decor. It allows users to become designers on their own, building their spaces, choosing the finishes, decor elements, and furnishing as per their liking. Moreover, with Augmented Reality, they can put up the virtual lens and feel the spaces lifelike!

See Our Portfolio:  Furniture Modeling Portfolio

To tap the power of VR and AR, you need to get these furniture elements modeled in low/high poly. Often, clients get the full specification (dimensions/furnishes/material) of the product online, with links to the manufacturer’s websites. These inputs are sufficient for us to assist you with highly detailed and accurate 3D models in sync with your requirements. Use these models as input for the further complex 3D Furniture Modeling needs.

3D Furniture Modeling
3D Product Rendering designProduct rendering

3D Product Modeling

3D Product Modeling is a digital alternative to create lifestyle pictures of the showcased products. It allows Conceptualization to customization ranging from changing the textures, material, dimensions, thus obtain lifestyle modeling in different scene settings. The same model can be showcased in different settings like the below example, where a trailer is set up in Beach and Grassland setting. This way, VegaCADD assists 3D product Modeling and marketing highly flexible and customer-oriented.

Our 3D Product Modeling is a cost-effective method to design a virtual prototype of any new product to examine issues concerning the design, form factor, and technical intricacies. Refine your product with our outsource 3D Product Modeling Services to put your project on fast-track. Product modeling makes your dreams come true as 3d product modeling company.

3D Product Animation

The development of ergonomic furniture elements has given a boost to the overall furniture industry with complex functionalities, ones that could not be envisaged as a decade earlier. An Armchair taking the shape of your body using hydraulics, a bed easing you into the different motions for your orthopedic needs, the list is endless. Demonstrating all the functions and features of such items to the client can be cumbersome. It calls for a differentiated approach to marketing. VegaCADD assists you with high-quality 3D Product Animation to address this need.

See Portfolio: 3D Animation Walkthrough

3D Product Animation is the most engaging and persuasive way to show the ergonomics and useful features to the potential buyer. It’s perfect to showcase the design variants, bundling options, and configurations of the product.

Custom 3D Modeling Services Designed for Your Success at Vegacadd

With extensive experience spanning needs in 3D Rendering Services, 3D Product Animation, 3d design services and Design oriented Project Idealization, Conceptualization, and Execution. We can help you with Architectural 3D Modeling Services and make your construction solution more efficient and useful. 3d modeling companies help in design model for furniture, product and Architecture as well as included with 3d modeling and rendering services.

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    Furniture Sofa Design
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    bar furniture 3d models

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Joe Rotskoff
Crescent Supply California, USA
My concerns on language barriers were squashed once I started working with VegaCADD. India, surely is better country to deal with. All my needs were communicated well without issues. Transparency in pricing and flexibility in work will keep me engaged with you guys.
Drew Systma
Global Homes Consulting. Michigan, USA
I highly recommend VegaCADD, not just for the competitive pricing but also for the flawless deliverables. You have exceeded my expectations. The service quality has been exceptional with commitment to timelines strictly followed. I am recommending you to a three of my connections. All the best!
William Gati
William Gati Architectural StudioCalifornia, USA
I want to say a quick thank you for the quality work on the Alberta Waterfront project. Your timely delivery has ensured we win the business. Also, thanks for the great renderings, our investors are happy with the overall results. Cheers!
John M. Fitzegerald
San Diego, CA
  VegaCADD has helped us immensely in dealing with digitization of our CAD sheets over the last 3 years. We have been provided ample support and excellent timeline adherance. We look forward to engaging more in coming days

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