FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Frequently Asked Questions

We would need the following

• Sample of Drawings
• Standards of Drawings
• Details of Textures and Utilities
• A Volume of work to be done
• The timelines Required for Deliverables

Generally, we communicate via e-mails. The emails from the clients are answered either instantaneously or within one business day. Also, we can communicate via telephone/fax or skype or similar messengers.

The files can be shared in any graphics file format, for ex. TIFF. For color JPEG / GIF formats are better. Also, we are okay with .dwg files for AutoCAD.
Once We analyze your input files, we will be in a better position to commit the TAT timeframe. We deliver projects as fast as within one business day.
We generally follow the CAD Standards as prescribed by the clients. However, in the absence of such inputs, we can also utilize our pre-set standards.
You may get the services of a blueprint shop that usually has a scanner, or mail us the blueprints by courier.
You are most welcome to pay us a visit whenever you want.

Our employees can work offshore with you for complex projects if required.

Payments can be made via Paypal or bank wire transfers.

We ensure that your data is as secretive as you desire. Upon completion of the project, all the input and output files are stored in an electronic vault which is accessible by limited professionals on a senior level.

For a project of approx. 2000-3000sq ft, it takes approx 5 Business days comprising of 3 exterior 3D and 5 Interior 3D views.
All the drawings are proof-checked by our in-house experts who typically are having experience of 5+ years.