Structural CAD Design Services

At Vegacadd, We understand that structural engineers are responsible for making efficient use of Structural Drafting Services, materials and funds. We help structural design engineering firms to achieve these objectives through our efficient, experience, affordable and time-bound Structural Design and Drafting Services

structural drafting services

Our Structural Design Services include the following:

  • Design of Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures like home, commercial buildings, tanks, retaining walls etc
  • Design of Structural Steel plate girder, truss girder, gantries, industrial sheds etc
  • Replacement Structure drafting & Designs for any deteriorated structures
  • Design of composite structures
  • Design of pre-stressed and post-tensioned structures like parking structures

We have experienced teams to help with the design of high-rise and low-rise commercial and residential structures, bridges, industrial structures or special structures.

We possess knowledge of industry standards and have years of expertise in comprehending difficult specifications involving design codes existing in different parts. Our firm undertakes detailed structural design projects, endeavoring to maintain international standards in quality with quick turn around time. CAD Drafting Services helps you in design architecture design, planning and executing design. Our experience professionals have formed a deep understanding of various complex structures across industry verticals.

Choose Structural CAD Design Services with Vegacadd

Our professional expertise for structural design support services for civil engineers and architect, design consultants extend from buildings, plants, towers, to all the way through airports, bridges, dams and oil platforms.

Our Structural Drafting Services included with:

Providing comprehensive structural engineering services to engineering firms, cad design firm, building contractor, architects, steel details, and manufacture.

Our professional teams focus on ensuring design integrity as well as economy. Increase the predictability and value of your structural cad design services through our greater quality outputs within your budget.

Why choose Vegacadd 3D Architectural Animation Company?

Advanced technology – We expert designers can make the right design based on your plan. We employ the right color, design, light, and movement that brings outstanding results.

Expert team – Vegacadd has a specialist team that can work on different projects in different domains. Our Professional Artist have a hands-on number of years of experience working on various projects. We create outstanding 3D Architectural walkthroughs that are engaging and technically sound.

Experience – All our 3D artists have good years of experience providing 3D Architectural Animation Services. We offer services at affordable pricing and on-time delivery.

Easy-to-use – At Vegacadd, we use the most exciting and engaging technology that is easy to use. We create Architecture animations that are easy to understand.

The best Architectural animation service to come out of our architectural design tables is the life like 3D architectural walkthrough. We make the 3D architecture animation visually realistic and graphically enriched in order to make it the perfect marketing tool for real estate developers and Builders.

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Our Testimonial

Joe Rotskoff
Crescent Supply California, USA
My concerns on language barriers were squashed once I started working with VegaCADD. India, surely is better country to deal with. All my needs were communicated well without issues. Transparency in pricing and flexibility in work will keep me engaged with you guys.
Drew Systma
Global Homes Consulting. Michigan, USA
I highly recommend VegaCADD, not just for the competitive pricing but also for the flawless deliverables. You have exceeded my expectations. The service quality has been exceptional with commitment to timelines strictly followed. I am recommending you to a three of my connections. All the best!
William Gati
William Gati Architectural StudioCalifornia, USA
I want to say a quick thank you for the quality work on the Alberta Waterfront project. Your timely delivery has ensured we win the business. Also, thanks for the great renderings, our investors are happy with the overall results. Cheers!
John M. Fitzegerald
San Diego, CA
  VegaCADD has helped us immensely in dealing with digitization of our CAD sheets over the last 3 years. We have been provided ample support and excellent timeline adherance. We look forward to engaging more in coming days

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