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VegaCADD provides CAD Conversion Services to a range of professionals ranging from Architects, Property Consultants, Contractors, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Professionals. Our core competency is into Image/Tiff/Scan to CAD Conversion Services. We ensure that finer nuances like layering information, consistency, text and associative dimensions are delivered in the best way suitable to your cause.

Our team comprises of Engineers, Architects, Artist and Draftsmen who have rich experience across various industry verticals and are familiar with codes of practice globally.We can seamlessly put together your data and sketches to give you accurate final drawings. We not only convert, but also add value by pointing out errors and correcting them whenever needed.

By outsourcing CAD conversions to Vegacadd, you can benefit greatly from our extensive experience in designing floor plans, creating elevations, CAD Drawaings and electrical HVAC layout designs.

PDF to AutoCAD Conversion

VegaCADD can assist you in transforming PDF files into editable CAD drawings. The deliverables can be sent across different formats; DXF, DWG, etc. saving your precious redraw time. We can provide you a dimensionally accurate drawing by our licensed CAD experts, which again is checked by the QC team. The deliverables can be easily modified in prevalent engineering software such as AutoCAD, Microstation, etc. The PDF to AutoCAD conversion service involves extracting the editable CAD elements, objects, layers, and text from any PDF or Scanned images.

Try our PDF to CAD Conversion services for once. We are sure that our experienced drafters, modelers, and engineers shall be able to provide genuine value addition to your firm so that you can concentrate on the intellectual aspects of the job at hand. With our extensive experience base, we can process any Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing(MEP), Construction documents with precision.

PDF to AutoCAD Conversion
IMAGE to AutoCAD Conversion

IMAGE to AutoCAD Conversion

In the world of engineering, as a leading format for CAD drawings, working on the DWG format enables your images to be viewed, modified or edited by millions of drafters and designers worldwide. DWG format is the most ubiquitous, if not universal on almost every primary CAD platform. It is used as an input across various industries from architecture to engineering and virtual reality to game designing.

Whether your image is a vector or raster one, there are inherent advantages to converting into DWG format.

Advantages of Converting a Raster/Vector Image to AutoCAD:

  • The image retains its original quality at any scale.
  • Easier to make amendments or entries such as circles, arcs, and lines.
  • Easy to modify the PDF/Image and convert it into vectorize images.
  • Enables use of specific types of entities which otherwise are not supported by other CAD formats.
  • Makes it easier to collaborate across multiple nodes of project partners.

TIFF to AutoCAD Conversion

TIFF, being an accessible format for storing high color depth images in compressed form is one of the most widely used. A TIFF file can’t be easily edited for other purposes in its original form. Our skilled drafters enable error-free TIFF to AutoCAD Conversion. We customize the layers and levels in a drawing based on the specific inputs of the clients.

The deliverables are entirely editable, multi-layered and accurate dimensionally. Our TIFF to AutoCAD Conversion entails different levels dimensions, text, body, etc. Dimensions are kept intact and any anomaly if witnessed, is flagged off immediately for client inputs.

Tiff to Cad Conversion
Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion

We assist you with Raster to Vector conversion services. Raster to Vector conversion services is used across numerous countries as it provides easy access into a specific CAD format. Raster to Vector conversion is the known method to convert bitmap dots into vector lines enabling them to be re-created in a user-friendly manner. Raster images, being pixel dependent are inappropriate to utilize while zooming whereas vector lines can be printed and processed at any resolution. Vectorized files can be scaled, colors modified and edited without losing any of its original clarity/quality.

Raster to Vector conversion can be carried out for any of the file formats; JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc. The files are re-processed manually using the least number of points possible. It is our transparency towards clients that we prepare hand drawn drawings by pen tool rather than using low-quality auto-tracing.

Top Benefits of Outsource Paper to CAD Conversion services at Vegacadd:

  • Flexibility in operations through peaks and troughs of workload.
  • A transactional element of drawing is dealt with by us whereas you concentrate on the intellectual aspects.
  • Cost arbitrage to the extent of 60% incurred on your workforce.
  • Hassle free experience right from contract finalization till delivery.
  • You are ever increasing knowledge base gained via partnering with clients across multiple geographies.

VegaCADD specializes in all forms of CAD-related Services: CAD Drafting Services, CAD Drawing Services, 2D to 3D Conversion, CAD Modeling, CAD Conversion, CAD Drawings and Raster to Vector Conversions.

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Joe Rotskoff
Crescent Supply California, USA
My concerns on language barriers were squashed once I started working with VegaCADD. India, surely is better country to deal with. All my needs were communicated well without issues. Transparency in pricing and flexibility in work will keep me engaged with you guys.
Drew Systma
Global Homes Consulting. Michigan, USA
I highly recommend VegaCADD, not just for the competitive pricing but also for the flawless deliverables. You have exceeded my expectations. The service quality has been exceptional with commitment to timelines strictly followed. I am recommending you to a three of my connections. All the best!
William Gati
William Gati Architectural StudioCalifornia, USA
I want to say a quick thank you for the quality work on the Alberta Waterfront project. Your timely delivery has ensured we win the business. Also, thanks for the great renderings, our investors are happy with the overall results. Cheers!
John M. Fitzegerald
San Diego, CA
  VegaCADD has helped us immensely in dealing with digitization of our CAD sheets over the last 3 years. We have been provided ample support and excellent timeline adherance. We look forward to engaging more in coming days

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