Modern Kitchen Design Clever With Kitchen Appliances To Achieve Integration

Modern Kitchen Design Clever With Kitchen Appliances To Achieve Integration

Modern Kitchen design refers to the cabinet, kitchen utensils and a variety of kitchen appliances according to its shape, size and use of a reasonable layout, clever mix, to achieve kitchen appliance integration. Kitchen is an important place in the home life, the kitchen also has its own personality, different kitchen style represents a different crowd and different feelings of the kitchen lifestyle, in the kitchen design can choose according to their own preferences different styles. In the modern furniture to choose the most kitchen or modern minimalist style, for you to recommend several modern simple Furniture design renderings.

Modern Kitchen Design

Amethyst Phantom series using modern minimalist red bar, the use of Poppen Mia purple red mouth fresh and pure white, so that the space is more feminine femininity, the door surface can be added to different sizes and shapes of gongshua shape, the entire panel Handle design, red strip of simple and stylish, revealing a romantic and simple atmosphere, suitable for modern, simple decoration style family use, is the pursuit of petty bourgeoisie romantic crowd.

Characteristics of Modern Kitchen Design:

The characteristics of the design of the kitchen: Amethyst Phantom is a font cabinet design, the kitchen area of the functional distribution of the flow line, washing area, conditioning area, cooking area lined up, smooth operation. In particular, increased the high cabinet electrical function expansion area, so that the capacity of the entire cabinet greatly increased. We use the Emerson Healthy hardware basket, can be a good kitchen items classified storage, daytime to provide space utilization, easy to pick and place items. In the design of the stove cabinet selection of double-layer stainless steel basket for storage pots and other cooking utensils, both sides of the symmetrical layout of the basket and rice box to make a regional storage function to be effective play.

Drawer configuration is Blum (Blum) damping metal pumping, slide slide smooth; with damping behind the gentle and safe; full pull drawer so that items at a glance, take direct; can load up to 70 kg, longer life. Hanging cabinet of the board lights and the floor of the touch sensor lights to play the role of light supplement, reflecting the human design concept. 3D Modeling Services help you in Furniture design & Rendering.

If the size of the smaller, in the kitchen color selection as much as possible on the light-colored, cheese series of the kitchen is also a good choice, light yellow blister panel, visually like to see the cheese, soft into one, and blister Of the characteristics of high color saturation, scratch resistance, for the young housewives to provide a convenient, on the map of the kitchen is still lined up, the use of high cabinet to make more affordable, this kitchen is special place is the bar Use, more than a plane can also be used when the table to use.

Modern kitchen modernity embodied in the choice of the plate, the color of the atmosphere, the advantages of blister sheet, coupled with the design of the unique, this is a stylish kitchen.

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