8 Marketing Ideas in Real Estate That Work (in 2020)

8 Marketing Ideas in Real Estate That Work (in 2020)

As a realtor, what’s your marketing strategy for getting ahead of the competition? Research shows that over half of all home buyers look for their next home through the internet. And that’s not all, only around 34% approach a real estate agent for help.

8 Marketing Ideas in Real Estate

Unless your clients are able to find you the next time they do an online search, you will be left behind! Here are eight marketing ideas in Real Estate that can help you create a marketing strategy to expand your client list in 2020. Increase your visibility on search engines, and let your customers know about your brand!

1. Create Brand Consistency

What does your brand speak about you? As a realtor who stands apart, you should have a unique branding campaign. This will include visual graphics, including your logo, font, color schemes, and so on. More importantly, your brand should also convey a unique tone, voice, and message.

Do you have a mission statement? This is the promise that you make to your clients. If you build your brand messaging around this promise, you will be able to feature unique elements that will help clients recognize you among other realtors. Update your marketing collateral like your website, brochures, and ads. Display this message consistently on your website, print marketing, and advertising. This will help to build up your brand recognition.

Your designer will help you to create brand guidelines for reference so that the same messaging is conveyed across your marketing materials for the immediate future.

2. Get Mobile

Once you have updated your website, you should optimize it for mobile use as well. Most customers nowadays surf the web on their mobile phones or tablets, so if they are not able to navigate your website on these smaller screens you could lose out on potential customers. It goes without saying that your brand message should shine through on all of these smaller pages as well, so ensure it is displayed prominently.

You should know that Google now uses mobile-first optimization to determine search rankings, and your search engine optimization (SEO) will improve if you go mobile.

3. Boost your Website with a Blog

A blog on your website can go a long way toward attracting visitors to your website. Choose topics of interest to potential customers, and research the keywords that can get your blog on the top of search engines. These keywords should ideally appear several times in each blog, and your brand voice and tone should shine through in the content.

Keep adding new blogs every week, so that your customers always have fresh content to read and will show continued interest in your brand.
Make sure that you optimize your content using focus keywords in the title, URL, body content, and a heading that grabs viewer attention. Your blog can also be used to update visitors about new listings that could interest them.

4. 3D Renderings, 3D Animations, & Videos

Customers who get to see visual and interactive content online, such as 3D renderings, 3D Animations, Videos (including live videos, video tours, and webinars) or Augmented/ virtual reality experiences are likely to remember your brand for a much longer time. When they need the services of a realtor, your name will be the first that comes to mind.

If you have interactive visual content on your website, potential home buyers are likely to remain on your website longer. This will increase their dwell time, which will push up your SEO rankings and result in increased footfall to your website. A win-win situation!

Another way you can reach out to a wider audience is by getting people to share your visuals like 3D renderings, 3D animations, and videos. You will also be increasing your brand awareness. Users who enjoy your content are also more likely to remember their experience later on and come back to you for your services.

Throughout all your content, make sure to repeat the fonts and color schemes that are distinct to your brand, and feature your logo somewhere within the content. These visual elements will help people to recognise your theme, increasing brand recall.

5. Get Social

Social media is where all the marketing happens these days. Figure out who your target audience is, and what their preferred social media platform is. Make sure to add Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms that are trending to your realtor marketing strategy. Add engaging posts, such as 3D renderings, high-quality photos, 3D animations, videos, and blog content on social media to grow your followers and send your message to a wider audience. Add the right hashtags so that you can be found.

Once you have a set of followers, get interactive on social media. You can have competitions, request comments and likes, and respond to the comments to build up a larger audience.

6. Try Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to new customers, and to keep in touch with your existing client base. It is also perhaps the cheapest way to getting your message across. Make sure that you do not spam or send out unsolicited emails, as that can have the opposite effect.

Your emails can have a note about your newest blogs, attracting visitors to your website where they can see all your listings. You can also send the highlights of your new listings to your email subscribers.

Make sure your content is crisp and engaging so that it is not marked as spam.

7. Add Chatbots

By using chatbots on your website, you could greatly improve customer experiences. Chatbots can help your customers get common queries answered. They can also collect user information, enabling you to reach out personally at a later time. Chatbots can thus improve your credibility and increase leads.

Another way chatbots prove useful is by increasing engagement on your website and improving your clickthrough rates. The longer people spend on your web pages, the higher your SEO rankings will get.

8. Improve Local SEO

By using location-based keywords within your website content and blog posts, local home buyers will find your listings online. It’s also important that your Google My Business listing should be up-to-date. By improving your local SEO, your website will come on top of local search engine pages, enabling your customers to see your business before a competitor’s.

We hope these marketing ideas in Real Estate have helped you to start strategizing! Create a realtor marketing plan for 2020 that will boost brand awareness, and help you get ahead of the competition.

If you’d like some support with your real estate marketing strategies, we’re happy to help! Get in touch with Rayvat Rendering Studio today at +1 (888) 863-4445 or email us at info@vegacadd.com for creating 3D Renderings and 3D Animation that can accentuate your business.