5 factors that impact the price of a 3D architectural rendering Services

What impact the price of a 3D architectural rendering Services

3D renderings have become indispensable in the creation and communication of an architectural or real estate project. The advantage of 3D visualization is that the client will have a vision of his project that is as close as possible to reality. Indeed, 3D architectural visualization is currently the only technology that allows one to imagine an architectural project realistically. The client will have a clear vision of his project thanks to images that conform in terms of dimensions, lighting and materials. Thus the client and the architect or real estate developer can quickly make decisions about the architecture, the materials used or even the furniture. (3D architecture rendering price).

3D architectural rendering services

5 Different Factor that impact the price

1. The type of architecture

Modern or old, tropical or Nordic, standard or high-end quality, all styles of architecture are possible in 3D computer graphics. It is therefore important to know that the price of a 3D perspective will depend on the type of architecture of your project. Indeed, a house with a minimalist cubic design will be easier to model and render than a building with curved glass surfaces and therefore will be less expensive in the end. 3D architectural rendering services is the key of architetcure design sucess.

2. The size of the project often makes the difference in terms of price

3D makes it possible to visualize all types of buildings. But the area of ​​land occupied by the project is also a very important factor in determining the price. Indeed, a small detached house or a residence of several buildings and dozens of apartments will not represent the same workload for a 3D graphic designer. This is why it is important to send your plans in order to get an accurate estimate, because the plans will define the surface that will have to be modeled in 3D.

3. The environment impacts the workload

We have seen the building (s) but for a 3D image to appear beautiful and realistic it is also essential to work on the environment of it. In fact, the quality and level of detail of the environment will have a very important impact on the price of the image.

To create an environment in an architectural rendering there are 4 more or less expensive possibilities:

4. The amount of views you need

Depending on the size of your project, you may need a different amount of 3D renderings. There is often an ideal angle of view in a project, but it is often necessary to focus on certain parts of the building, on a strong point of the architecture or on a service that the competition does not offer.

It is important to know that if you order several views of the same project, the following renderings will be cheaper than the 1st rendering because a big part of the work has already been done for the 1st rendering such as 3D modeling or the creation of materials. You can therefore capitalize on the 1st renderings and order others at better prices.

5. The devil is in the details

Now we'll talk about those little details that take as long to be done as the huge building right in the middle of the image. Indeed in 3D computer graphics what takes the most time and costs the most is not what is seen the most but what is seen the least while subtly adding realism to your images.

For example, a building with plants on the balconies will not have the same impact as a well-vegetated building. But each plant being different and placed one by one, it represents a long term work.


How much does a 3D rendering cost?

The price of a 3D rendering therefore depends on many factors which together will vary the price of the images.

A simple rendering will be between 300 $ and 450 $, a complex rendering between 450 $ and 800 $ and finally a very high-end rendering can reach 1500 $.

As you can see the price range is quite wide. If you want to have the price of your 3D renderings evaluated for free, do not hesitate to fill out my quote request form and I will get back to you as soon as possible: quote form for 3D renderings.

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