3D Models for eCommerce 5 Ways They Help To Sell More

The use of 3D models for eCommerce, furniture manufacturers and retailers is emerging as an innovative marketing solution. With life-like representations one can get both static images or motion graphics along with interactive configurators that allow them to customize their product before purchase; this also includes AR shopping apps which will optimize your entire catalog in seconds!

With cutting-edge solutions like 3D logos, brands are one step ahead of their competitors who still use old school product photography. With these new advances in CG technology improving buying confidence and reducing returns while attracting a broader audience; it's no wonder why more companies are turning towards this type of imaging for their campaigns!

3D models are a great way to get the full picture of what you need before ordering them. Here we go, 5 key benefits that any manufacturer could find with 3D Models!

3D Models for eCommerce

#1. One 3D Model Gets All Design Options Covered

Furniture manufacturers are relieved from the hassle of photo shoots by opting for 3D modeling. They can order one model and simply change materials, colors or textures in software without having to prototype every piece with different designs beforehand!

#2. 3D Models Make Engaging and Interactive Shopping

The use of 3D printing in advertising and marketing is becoming more popular every day. It allows companies to create unique products with ease, save money on production costs by making one model at a time (versus creating multiple), engage their customer base through interactive designs that can be downloaded online or purchased off shelves—literally bringing them into stores!

#3. 3D Models for eCommerce are Adjustable and Reusable

Working on new furniture collections, manufacturers often improve the current design of their items by changing shapes and textures. However this can be a time-consuming process using prototyping which is expensive in comparison to 3D modeling; not so much as we need our budget!

Furniture designers have been known make adjustments such as these with traditional methods like 2d sketches before moving onto digital models for quicker results that are both cheaper too boot—especially when you consider just how quickly tangible objects wear down over years.

#4. Product 3D Models Work for Any eCommerce Platforms

CG artists save 3D models in universal file formats so they don’t require additional optimization for eCommerce platforms. AR models made by professionals are of USDZ and GLB, hence these work perfectly with any furniture shopping apps on the market today! The same goes for 360° renders or animations - CG specialists export all files into popular OBJ format which is easy enough to integrate anywhere without hassle.

#5. Getting 3D Models for eCommerce is Fast and Trouble-Free

3D models can be difficult to create, but it's not impossible! When you work with us on your 3D modeling services and creation of a life-like model for eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Wayfair, we guarantee that in at most 48 hours from the start date - even if there are complex objects involved. All furniture manufacturers need do is send over some product photos from different angles along with dimensions about their items; best yet include 2d drawings as well texture references when possible :)

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