3 reasons why AutoCAD still is the first choice for Architects?

3 Reasons why AutoCAD still is the first choice for Architects?

Architects have always relied on AutoCAD to create plan drawings, elevations, and 3D models. The software has been continually improved with new features and capabilities to meet the demands of today's advanced architecture projects.

Here are three reasons why architects still rely on AutoCAD for their design work:

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Ensure Simple Drafting Process:

Many people have used AutoCAD to create complex drawings and models. However, for beginners, drawing simple shapes is a better way to start off. The will detail the process of drafting in AutoCAD and how it can be done using simple tools. As more complicated projects come along, you can always refer back to this post as a refresher on drafting basics with AutoCAD.

The will cover the basic steps of drafting in CAD software such as Autocad or Solidworks through an example project. This tutorial assumes no prior experience with CAD software and is designed for complete beginners looking to learn about the fundamentals of computer aided design (CAD). It does not require any specialized knowledge outside the scope. CAD Drafting Services helps to Architects in decide the way of design and understand the design of Architecture.

Advanced Features:

The new features and enhancements in AutoCAD 2021 make it easier than ever to create professional drawings. It's easy to use the advanced tools, such as dynamic blocks and parametric drawing with multi-dimensioning, that speed up your workflow. With improved compatibility with 3D models from Revit or Inventor, you can now easily share your ideas across these different software platforms.

DWG files:

Every design starts with a drawing, but what if you need to share it? AutoCAD DWG files allow you to export your designs in the form of an .dwg file. A great way to share these drawings is by uploading them directly onto OneDrive or Dropbox for easy access from any device. This blog post will cover how to upload your DWG files and create links that can be shared with others for quick collaboration on projects.

Example: Architectural CAD Drafting Portfolio

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